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Networking for Home and Business

With the price of computers at an all-time low, many households today are enjoying the benefits of owning more than one computer. If you are a multi-PC household/office, or are considering adding a PC to your existing set-up, now might be the perfect time to build a network.

Just by linking your computers together you can:

Eliminate waiting in line to access the Internet. Share an Internet connection.
Traditionally, most Internet accounts are priced for only one computer. If you want to add computers, you must pay an additional monthly charge per computer. However, a home network allows multi-users to simultaneously surf the Internet from multiple computers. By paying for only one Internet connection, all your computers, including laptops, can be online at the same time.

Save money and space on computer peripherals and files.
Why pay more than once for the same piece of equipment? A home network allows you to use multiple computers and share a printer, scanner, digital camera, or other peripheral. You can also share files such as digital images, spreadsheets, and documents, play games that allow multiple users at different computers, and send the output of a device like a DVD player or Webcam to other computers.

Protect your computing activities and assets.
When setting up a home network you should build in a level of security with a "firewall" that protects your network from intruders and hackers. You can also monitor and restrict Web sites to protect your children and family. For further information see our
Family Computing Section.

Convenience, convenience, convenience!
No more carrying floppy disks from computer to computer! With a home network in place, you can share files, play games, and transfer data from one computer to another without running back and forth. Family members can check e-mail, bank or shop online, play Internet games, download music, instant message, all at the same time. Dad can check share prices, Mum can balance the budget, and little Billy can do his history report all at the same time and without "bumping' someone else off the computer.

Telecommuting and home offices made easy.
More and more, people are working from home by taking advantage of home office networking technology. You can access your network from multiple locations, eliminating the time and space restrictions that often get in the way of productivity. And, you can conduct your business without interrupting the computer activities of others in the household.

PC-Village.co.uk use and install the latest Networking technology. The range of wireless devices now available makes setting up your home or office network network so much easier. Sitting in the garden surfing the internet on your laptop with no wires to be seen!

Please call us if you wish to discuss your situation and give us the opportunity to demonstrate how convenient wireless networking can be.  

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