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Quietening your PC

Whether you have a specific need for a quieter environment, or you simply feel your powers of concentration would be improved with the extra peace, quietening your PC will make the hours you spend in front of the computer less stressful and more enjoyable.

The increased power of modern PCs in most cases sadly means increased noise.

At PC-Village.co.uk we prefer a quieter environment and we have found we are not alone.

PCs at home: The home is a relaxing place to do work on the computer, which is one reason why working at home is becoming so popular. The trouble is that in the quiet of your home, the noise made by the PC can be extremely intrusive.

Multimedia PCs used for playing CDs, watching DVD movies, television etc: No longer will you have to tolerate the background whine of your machine and you will be free to appreciate the high quality audio which modern PCs can create. 

Music, audio and video production: Your PC can be left switched on in proximity to the workplace without adversely affecting the production being worked on, be it sequencing, sampling or video editing. 

Customer service applications: Without the running noise of a PC, it becomes easier to hear callers on the telephone and for them to hear you. The mood of phone calls becomes surprisingly more relaxed. 

PCs used by professionally creative people: Whether you do a lot of word processing, programming, or design work, the long periods you are working will become much less tiring without the stressful background noise of your computer. 

PCs left on round-the-clock or for long periods of time: In libraries, schools, hospitals, receptions and retail establishments, the benefits of a quieter environment can be very far-reaching.

PC-Village.co.uk can make your PC quieter. 


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